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ARIA - A long accompanied song for solo voice in an opera.

What todo with those spare CPU cycles

Recently I decided to join the GIMPS project, GIMPS is short for the "Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search". This is an distributed computing project to find Mersenne Primes.

I've contributed nine computers; servers and larger desktops, to the project. The free program called mprime, will run on Linux as well as most windows platforms, and utilises the spares clock cycles of your machine. Follow my progress here.

If your interested in Primes and Numbers then there is a great series of programs available online from the BBC Radio 4.

Posted 07/08/03

NURBS Toolbox - Python Port
Runar Tenfjord has recently ported the NURBS toolbox which was originally design for Matlab and Scilab to Python using the NumPy extensions. The python module and further information can be found at

Unfortunately having left the University of Leeds two years ago I've not found the time to maintain or extend the toolbox further. If anyone would like to take this project over, either for Scilab or Matlab then please email me.

Posted: June 28, 2003

ARIA Website

I've reimplemented the website using Dreamweaver MX. So far I've very impressed with this product. I only wish that it was available as a native Linux product. However I have recently found a very good work around by installing WIN4LIN which allows win98 to run native with a Linux window.

Sorry I have not implemented printer friendly pages into this site yet.

Posted: June 28, 2003

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